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Abie Ekenezar


Abie Ekenezar is the Vice-President of Rising-Reels.  She is an actress, singer, screen writer and producer living in Seattle, WA with an extensive background resume and has been in the entertainment industry professionally with IMDB credits for five years.  Abie came on board with the agency Big Fish Northwest to work with the next generation of professional TV and Film professionals on Strowlers, a fantasy film project that was released by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment in 2018.

Prior to this, Abie graduated in Computers Science at Montclair State University but that wasn’t enough.  She also decided to get a Minor in Musical Theatre because of her love for the arts.  Abie started singing from the crib and while working on her Bachelor’s at Montclair, she also auditioned and was accepted into the Seton Hall University Choir where they toured along the East Coast and internationally in Quebec, Canada. 

She later found her passion for the character of cosplay and got into the film industry, being in such projects as Grimm, Man In The High Castle, Librarians, Portlandia and even Z-Nation, filmed in Spokane, WA. 

Abie has recently completed multiple projects with Blue Forge Films, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and recently started her own production company called BabsEk Productions with projects to be released in 2020.

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